Monday, October 27, 2008

Blue and Green and Gold

That fabric across the top has a great colour combo, with sage/olive green stems and mustard gold flowers framed in creamy tan, against a rich blue ground. As you can see, I've pulled out several greens and a gold to match, and added a blue and green "eyeball" stripe, a blue and gold on tan print and a fun blue and green on tan print that reminds me of peapods (on the far right).
These will blend together in a simple scrappy squares quilt -- accomplishing two purposes at once.
  1. Test the yardage/measurements/math on another quilt kit pattern.
  2. Make a quilt for my sister. She loves the simpler designs and when she saw the one I was drafting she casually mentioned how good it would look with little tufts (tied), which is her way of hinting that she wants me to make one for her.

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