Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Half Done Hedge

Really the plants are all in, but I'm calling it half done because I haven't mulched it yet. I plan to order one large delivery of mulch after all the garden beds are finished and ready. I love discounted shrubs. I got some of these sad looking bushes for $3. !

The Hydrangea are "Little Lamb" and will bloom white next year though they have already faded to pink/tan due to heat stress (the reason they were on sale). In three places between the hydrangeas I have clumped:

A "Summer Wine" Ninebark with maroon leaves with white/pink spring bloom.

In front of that is a Cottoneaster (pronounced Co-tony-aster) a low growing shrub with pink spring blooms and big red fall berries.

And on either side of those are the badly root bound "Chardonay Pearl" Deutzias -- that's the chartreuse foliage with a white spring bloom.

Under the Deutzias I have also added in some pink double Tulip bulbs and some pink-cupped mixed daffs.

Long time readers will wonder at the sudden frenzy of pink blooms. It has quite a lot to do with what was already planted in the yard. There's a large Mimosa tree (pink puffy things mid-August) right next to the house on that side, and the front flower beds have a mixture of pink and red flowers and shrubs. I'm adding in plenty of white flowers, of course, but on a tight budget you can't just rip stuff out. So I'm working with the existing colors -- pink and red.

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