Friday, September 18, 2009


How much would you pay for decorative fridge magnets? It was not a question I had really ever considered before. The aisle display mocked me with pretty magnets stuck to big price tags. Well, bigger than I was going to pay anyway.

Then I saw the little clunk of 12 undecorated magnets selling for the same price as one of the fancy ones. SOLD. Magnets I needed. Decorative I could manage, I hoped, on my own.

Out came the button box with all the spare buttons in their little baggies, the random leftover beads, the scrapbooking glitter, and the super glue. I tried a few things.
For most of my magnets I decided on stacked buttons with a finishing bead or "rhinestone" to hide the button holes and a bit of glitter thrown in here or there. Anytime the superglue got drippy the magnet got glittered -- no sense wasting glue. :-)
I also made a "Clean" magnet for the dishwasher ... and I'll admit it took a couple times to get the printer to print in the same color as the centers of the daisies in the old lace I used, but I got it eventually. I think they turned out pretty well.

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