Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dragon Tongue Beans

I like to try things in the garden. Someday I think I might find the perfect plant of everything. One of the new things this year was an heirloom green bean called Dragon Tongue. A well behaved bushing type, it has pretty purple flowers and pretty purple streaks on the beans. And the flavor is decent.

But they lose their fun colour when they are cooked and end up looking like ordinary green beans. They are supposed to also be good as a dry bean too, and the plants are working on getting me a batch to try that way still. So I'm going to say the jury is still out on if this variety will become a regular in the garden. I've got to say though, the loss of colour is leading me to think I'll maybe just plant out the rest of these seeds and then not bother getting more. I mean, if it's just going to look like a regular green bean in the end anyway... what's the fun in that?

Snapped beans, before cooking.

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