Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Wrong Inner Child

...except ye be as a little child...

I have a friend who claims to not only not have had a childhood but to not believe a childhood is necessary. I have another friend who is currently living in a prolonged state of selfish adolescence. 

What is the balance? Not everything an be excused by pop psychology and blaming your inner child.

What makes childhood sweet but childishness hard to put up with?

How do we balance the innocence against the ignorance? Make room for irresponsibility in a life of responsibilities?


  1. I'm old school and believe good old fashioned work cures a lot of ills, if only by keeping idle time to a minimum.

    1. I was just commenting to someone today that I would have fit right in 100 or more years ago, but the way things are today, my opinions and prefered ways of doing things seem very old-fashioned to many people. It encourages me to hear others speaking up about the benefits of doing it old-school. Thanks for commenting! :)


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