Friday, August 7, 2015

Wooly Feet

Hand knit wool socks fresh off the knitting needles and ready for fall weather. The yarn was left over from a skein I used for a pair of children's socks a few years back.  Most skeins of sock yarn will be enough for a pair of childrens socks and a pair of adult socks -- as long as you're not trying to do knee socks.
It's surprisingly difficult to take good photos of your own feet.


  1. I successfully somehow crocheted my grandson a pair of socks, however his mom said he could get his shoes on with them on. I can straight knit & pural but that is my knitting skills in a nutshell. I would love to try again. It was a little difficult with the crocheted ones.

  2. Knit and pearl is really all you need for these socks, that and the right tools (sock yarn and 2.5 dpns).
    I think you could do it. :)
    The rib knit cuff is made with knit three pearl three, and then the rest, as it is on dpn (double point needles) is just straight knit like with circular needles would be. The hardest part is turning the heel because you have to do decreases and increases and you have to keep track of it. (Although I get distracted sometimes and fudge a little.)

    The first time I made socks I found a plain pattern and had some knitting friends look at it as I went along (some patterns seem to be written in secret code!) but once I knew the concept I pretty much just wing it based on the Opal "sock philosophy" making notes at critical points so I can duplicate the first sock in the second.

    Children's socks are quick since they are (usually) smaller. Give it a try!!
    Good luck!


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