Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Human vs. Beans

As a child I noticed it. Beans are a stealth veggie. They like to hide from you so that just when you think you are done picking a row you notice that you missed one, and another one and another... until you begin to think you must have been picking a different row. Surely this row hasn't been picked yet, but it has. Beans are tricky like that.

The prolific fecundity of beans which tormented me as a young gardener is one of the reasons beans still have a spot in my garden.  A few plants are enough for fresh beans all summer, a few more and there are enough to put by for when the drab of winter is cheered by a splash of summer green.

This year, more than ever, I am realizing the dependability of those stealthy beans. They are still producing for me out there, despite being shaded by a wayward pumpkin vine that decided to climb their bean trellis.  Just this morning I found a bunch more beans on a row I could have sworn I'd already picked clean. Twice.

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  1. They try to hide from me too. :)


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