Monday, June 13, 2016

Are You My Mother?

Simon found a baby bird in the garden. I was mowing the yard and he was "on point" pointing to the bottom rung of a tomato tower where this little guy was chirping away.

The poor little thing seemed scared, stunned, and a little wet. I 'm not sure Simon hadn't already tried to eat it... or lick it... or eat it. He was quite sure I shouldn't have anything to do with it though.

This is Simon's barking face. He was not ready to share his mommy with a bird. As far as he was concerned, I was giving aide and comfort to the enemy and he repeatedly ordered me to leave that baby bird alone. Now! Mommy!

The bird meanwhile seemed quite at home on my finger, on my shoulder, even on the camera. When it fluttered to the camera it had a sort of "Are you my mother?" vibe. (Anyone remember that classic kids book? Good stuff.)

So  safe resting spot was found, where the little bird could rest and recover.
By afternoon it had moved to the hammock rope, and by evening it was gone.

Be well baby bird.

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