Friday, June 10, 2016

Bathroom, Part 3

And so the new floor goes in. Or rather, what goes in is the leftover flooring from when I re-did the studio and there were two boxes extra and even though a couple of the boards were warped a bit I still made it work for the bathroom with just bits and pieces and only one and a half planks leftover from this job. Oh Yeah!

Thermal layer under floating hardwood/laminate. I used actual duct tape to tape it to the duct -- Did you know Duck Tape, and Duct Tape, while supposedly the same thing, aren't. Duct tape is shiny silver and has a much stronger sticky.

Did I mention I had already primed (2 coats) all of the new drywall and painted (Benjamin Moore, Dove White) the wall where the toilet and sink needed to be installed. I had. If I could get everything done in time the plumber would seat the toilet the next day -- if not it would be maybe another week before he could get back to me. It was getting finished that night!
Oh, and the power was off to the bathroom, so I was pulling a late night with only a trouble light to see by.
My version of a "Dove Bar" in the freezer.
Here's a handy tip I learned ages ago: If you are only going to be taking a break from painting and come right back to it in the next day or two then don't clean your paint brush. Freeze it instead. Wrapped in aluminium foil and frozen the paint brush or roller will last up to a week even. This will save you all the wasted latex paint you get when cleaning out between uses. It takes a little while to thaw out but it works really well.

So while the paint brushes and rollers full of primer and Dove White paint waited in the freezer the floor went in.
I am proud of how well I managed jigging into the corners and such.

The power was still on in the living room so that was the staging area where I cut all the boards to size. There was a lot of sawdust. A lot!
Those boxes on the left are the sink and toilet waiting to go in.
Eventually the floor was done, and with aching bones (slightly warped boards take a lot of pounding to be convinced to lay flat properly) I went to borrow the functioning plumbing at the Wise Woman's house for a hot shower. After all, my hair may be going grey, but it really shouldn't be going Dove White!
The vent grate had to be trimmed down with metal cutters to fit since the duct was flush with the wall.

To be continued...

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