Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bathroom, Part 2

Meanwhile, in the half-emptied living room, the new tub has arrived and the shower surround warms itself by the fireplace.

The plummer I found to help with the work recommended a durable fiberglass tub with horizontal seams in the surround. It's supposed to not get as gringy. (You know what that word means right? Even though I made it up?)

Progress is being made. Okay, the new tub is not hooked into the plumbing yet, but at least it's in place!
Fiberglass bat insulation now fills the space between the studs of the exterior wall. Eighth inch ply sheaths the floor for a clean level surface, and the new tub finally wandered in from the living room. But what do I see in that photos? I'm not loving those oddly ornate pulls on the cupboard -- I think I have some old white porcelain ones somewhere I can use instead. (I did. Happiness!)

Still needs a shower head... and drywalling in.
The tub just squeaked in. Any tighter and we'd have had to move the window, not just the window trim.
But doesn't the new drywall look good? There's something about freshly spackled drywall that always seems so hopeful to me. Like I imagine artist feel with a freshly gessoed canvas.

To be continued...

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