Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At Last

At Last I am getting around to updating this blog and At Last showing pictures of my bathroom redo from February.  (Also, "At Last" the song will be my earworm for the duration of this post if not the rest of the day. Thank you, Billie Holiday.)

I could blame the delay on the two (Two!) times my supposedly immune laptop got virused and had to be wiped and reset, but I suspect the delay was more along the lines of I just didn't make the blog a priority and was busy doing other things. Sorry about that. Photos of "other things" will be forthcoming. (No really, I promise.)

Let us begin with the bathroom demo:
Evidence that the bathroom was once tiled with real tile.
Was chipped, mismatched, poorly installed "faux tile" board really an upgrade?
While I realize that circa 1950 tile means that that plaster was probably once back of pink and black, powder blue, or mint green tiles... was that really so bad that some previous owner needed to remove it and do a crap job with crap wallboard? (I'm blaming the "flipper" who took cheapo shortcuts in the kitchen too.)

Dealing with what's left -- the plaster -- that's a lot to rip out, so we'll be using a 1/4 drywall later floor to ceiling to evenly cover the whole wall with a clean surface.
For the next couple days the only bathroom in the house won't be usable.
Which is a problem because after creating this sort of mess one really wants a shower!
This is the old tub. The hairline cracks around the drain had reached about to cause serious water damage leaking into the basement stage. Grey water's all very well in theory, but it's not so great puddling in front of the dryer.

Under several layers of floor there's another floor. It was like a stack of pancakes in there!
We did remove the plaster from the end wall, in order to insulate it properly as it is an exterior wall. Previously it was un-insulated, unless you count the single layer of brown paper thinner than a paper bag, which I don't.

That's original wood flooring under the lino glue and flooring staples.
 I could cry over having to cover that floor back over.

To be continued...

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