Thursday, November 13, 2008

Color Series, Part 5

Sargent's Crabapples, offer a variety of color combinations based on where you're standing:

From a relative distance you see a three color combo -- golden yellow crabapple leaves, off-white overcast sky, and dark shadowy evergreens.
Up close -- the dark greens recede to hints in the background, the shaded golden yellows still dominate but now we add the red of the crabapples themselves.

Where the birds are already feasting the berries disappear. The use of the flash makes the leaves a paler yellow and the damp bark of the stems stands out black-brown.
This next photo makes me think of a quilt done in stripes. Checks (four patch or nine patch) in the grey-white of sky, the yellow of leaves, and the red of crabapples, banded in horizontal bands of sashing in the deep chocolate brown/black of wet branches.
Sargent's Crabapples.


  1. Hello; Love all the photos so very beautiful. And they way you describe each one.


  2. This is a beautiful tree. We saw these in upstate NY and I thought it looked like a cherry tree, but it didn't make sense that there would still be cherries. Now I know!
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