Monday, November 17, 2008

Today, Tomorrow, and the Next Day

Just a couple scheduled posts... I meant to do more but have run out of time. I'll be at another conference -- this time in Indy -- and then I'm visiting family and friends over Thanksgiving.
But I'm taking a project with me to work on. I'll take pictures to show you... ummm, soon, of my Socks.
That's right, folks, I'm knitting again. (Like I didn't have enough fluff-bunny-making fiber arts projects going on already, right?) It just seemed more portable to take knitting along on a multi-phase, multiple states, many nights trip like this one. I've never made socks before but a friend gave me some instruction and instructions... I went out and acquired some size 2 double pointed needles and self-striping Opal wool sock yarn... and away we go. (That's not exactly a pun, or is it?)
So, to recap: Scheduled posts. Then nothing while I'm having turkey and driving a gazillion miles. Then Finished Sock photos. Yea!

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