Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Stocking

Remnants from making a bridesmaid's dress (not recently, this was ages ago) just screamed Christmas stocking to me. So I made one. I shaped a rough pattern of paper first, just cause it was velvet, so I didn't want to randomly cut out a badly shaped stocking and waste the fabric.
And I had some gold metallic thread hanging about from a quilting project, so I popped the hopping foot on the machine and free-motion doodled a Christmas tree and the words "Merry Christmas" on one side of the stocking. I did that before sewing the two sides together.
Some upholstery rope-trim piping and satin-backed polyester crepe (also of bridesmaid vintage) finished off the top and faced the stocking with a silky/shiny lining.
And a little bit of red pearl cotton to form the loop to hang it up... and there's the finished stocking.

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  1. This is pretty - something else I havent managed to get around to doing this year!
    Add that to my advent calendar and Christmas door hanging!


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