Friday, December 19, 2008


As the sun sets tonight I ponder some options God has laid out for me in my life. I am at a point of choosing. Do I follow what the Lord asks me to do and trust that everything will fall into place? Or do I chicken out?
In literary symbolism it is the sunrise not sunset that ushers in new beginnings and promises, but for me this sunset, although it might bring night with it, brings also the promises of a hand to guide me in the dark, and a sickle moon to suggest reaping the rewards of following the Lord.
This night brings frightening opportunities and a sky full of stars -- stars like the ones that led the wise men to find the Christ Child in Bethlehem. I cannot see through the darkness to know exactly where the path leads, but I know that in choosing to follow the star of Bethlehem, the Child of Bethlehem, I will arrive in the right spot.
Tonight the sky reminds me of promises, of a glorious path of narrow golden beauty, of new beginnings and choosing to walk in His will.

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