Friday, December 5, 2008

Socks for Supper

When I was little one of my favorite books was Socks for Supper; it told about a poor family who didn't have much and a second family who made cheese and bartered the cheese for socks with the first family (thus the title of the book). The socks were made from the yarn of a sweater that the poor man's wife unravelled and re-knit. The second (cheese making) family then unraveled the socks to knit a sweater for a Christmas gift for the first family. I loved that book.

It's a great story. But I have to admit the idea of unraveling and re-knitting sweaters into socks into sweaters again -- NOT terribly keen on the idea. Seems like wasted work, because it is not snap your fingers and socks appear type stuff here. (I mean it's not rocket science, but it's not quick work.)

There are my socks, as far as I've gone, obviously I still have a toe to finish before I have a full pair. There's enough yarn in the Opal ball of self striping sock yarn that with this short cuff sock pattern I think I will have enough to make a third sock. (Fraternal triplets -- fun!)

And nobody better unravel them... Okay?

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