Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Morning's Thoughts

Autumn is gone, the last reds and golds have fallen at the feet of stark dark trees and now the season of cool colors and cooler temperatures embraces us.
The seasons shift, the equinox approaches, the year comes to an end, and we shift from gluttony to greed as our secular society appropriates the religious holidays and reshapes them. How sad not to simply be able to thank the Lord for our blessings without having to overeat and watch turkey themed sports games (aka organized violence) interrupted by gluttony themed advertising. How sad not to cherish the birth of salvation without expensive gifts as bribes to make children behave, or love you, or want to spend time with you. As you shop the crowded stores this year, ponder for a moment the original intent of gift giving at Christmas.
According to my research on the topic, holiday gift giving is intended to remind us of how the Wise Men travelled a long distance to show reverence for the new born Messiah. So when you buy that 18 room Barbie mansion, or the latest craze action hero, stop and think: am I doing this to honor the Lord? Will this gift bring reverence to Christ? Don't shop to satisfy greedy desires. If you give gifts this year give out of Love and Reverence for God who gave the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

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