Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sampler Block: Goose Tracks

Okay, In our Bird Blocks Sampler we were up to Block #7. Goose Tracks. So let's do that now.

We will be cutting (for the corrected version of my scribbled notes)
4 light and 1 dark three and a half (3.5) inch squares
2 dark four (4) inch squares which you will cut in half diagonally making 4 triangles
4 light two (2) inch squares
2 dark and 2 light two and three quarters (2.75) inch squares which you will mark with diagonal lines on the back of the light ones (make an X as shown in the photo below).
If you have no clue how to make HSTs you'll need to go to the tutorial I did a while back on Half Square Triangles here. Because we are going to take those 2.75 inch squares with the X on the back and make HSTs.

And then you're going to cut the four resulting HSTs in half diagonally, to make Quarter Square Triangles.Got that? No? Okay, I'll wait while you look at the picture again. (You'll have cut on the X lines -- so from 2 dark squares and 2 light squares you get 8 triangles that are half light and half dark.)

Ready now? Good job. Let's lay out the next steps.

What we're going to do is use two QSTs and a 2 inch light square to create the triangle that balances the large dark triangle. The QSTs make the goose's toes and the large dark triangle makes the foot. Do you see it? We're going to make four of those. So join the pieces as follows:

QST 1: QST 2: Then put the pieced triangles and the dark triangles together.

So now, all the pieces we have should be squares (or vaguely resemble squares). Lay them out as they'll look in the block.
Put together the rows, and don't forget we're still pressing flat at each step.
Then put the rows together and the block is done.
Hopefully as we go along we are building on skills learned on earlier blocks.... if it's been too long and you can't remember the earlier blocks just take a look in the sidebar under "For the Birds."

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