Monday, December 1, 2008

Re- eVALUate

I have been charged to reevaluate my priorities. To examine what I value and where I waste time and what my goals are. What end results will each of my actions have? These are excellent things to ponder in light of the season. As the year wends its way out and we look towards the miracle of Christ's birth and move each day closer to His return, How many of us waste time on frivolities? Is this blog a waste of time?

As many of you know I have two blogs. I did this initially because I did not want to confuse the focus -- yet this blog has not turned out to be purely about quilts as I had planned, and the other blog ( has also become increasingly random, swerving widely from the nature-poetry focus for which it was named. Both tend towards photo essays and "philosophizing" a great deal of the time.

Would you, my few readers, be confused by the combination of opinion, fluff, fabric, devotionals, recipes, poetry, quilting, gardening, and photography? Probably not. (Feedback welcome -- please comment and also answer the polls.)

I suppose the point I'm coming to is that one of the blogs needs to end or rather, be absorbed by the other (or combined in new blog). To that end I will be shuffling priorities and posts both as I attempt to use my time wisely.

I will also be posting less frequently for a couple more weeks as I deal with the reevaluations and restructuring of (aka major upheavals in) my life.

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  1. I like both blogs! Can you merge them into one?


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