Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Northwoods Baby Quilt

I just finished pin-basting this machine applique northwoods baby quilt. I love to make heirloom pieces and generally hand quilt the baby quilts I make, but an overwhelming sense of irony confronts me when I consider hand quilting a machine applique top. Machine quilting just seems more fitting.

The applique blocks are embellished with a fabric paint pen for the eyes, hooves, etc. and the designs I pulled out of the sashing fabric. I have always loved the little birds especially, and although I have no more of that sashing fabric, I foresee another all cardinals quilt in the future. (maybe bluejays -- they have those tufts too)

It was easy enough to draw out a larger version of the simplistic but adorable animals (and a tree). The buttonhole stitch effect I achieved with a blanketstitch setting on my machine and a rayon thread. If I had wanted to do a larger quilt there were also canoes and snowshoes and cute little cabins to choose from. But I chose a Bird:

A Bear: [He's tan in the sashing fabric but I chose a brown and black calico for the applique -- it just looked more bear-ish to me, you'll notice it also looked more tree trunk, twig, and antler-ish to me as well.]

A Moose:

And an Evergreen Tree:

And I'm backing it with flannel. Snuggly, northwoodsy flannel, I just know that will make this a favorite quilt with the little ones.

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