Monday, July 14, 2008

I Want More Good Movies

Clearly the movie industry does not agree with me.

We rented Definitely, Maybe over the weekend and here’s my opinion: Definitely NOT.

Most people probably wouldn’t agree with me; I wish I didn’t agree with me. The movie was well acted – superb, believable performances by an excellent cast. It was well written – first-rate dialogue, brilliant use of voice over and foreshadowing. And the directing and cinematography were stellar as well. Why don’t I like it? I’m not a fan of immorality. Oh, sure the little girl catches out her dad as a former smoker and chastises him, but the teasing “Dad what’s the male word for slut?” doesn’t carry nearly as much weight. The movie condones (where it should condemn or at least correct) the loose morality and sexual perversion of the four adult characters.

Here’s the kicker for me though: His marriage, signing the divorce papers is presented as the only thing standing between the girl’s father and the woman he really loved all along (not her mother) – WHAT? What kind of message is that? Allow me to sum up.
‘Hey, Kido, it’s okay Mommy and Daddy are getting divorced. I know we made commitments and stuff but I never really loved her, we’d both had sex with so many people it was just time to try something else for a while. I’ve really been in love with someone else this whole time.'
‘Sounds great, Pop. Not like families matter that much afterall – need help getting the old girlfriend back?’
My predictable response? DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

Now a great movie, which properly addresses the idea of philandering (there are temptations, they are resolved), has yet to be released on DVD. I am not alone in my appreciation of this film. For whatever reasons tons of people love this movie. A Google search on the title reveals multiple sites offering good reviews, fans recommending the film, and several hundred petitions each demanding the release of this film on DVD. And I checked – there are over 800 pages listing bloggers on Google Blogger who have put this movie in their profile favorites.

Released in 1992 this movie, with a stellar cast and truly excellent cinematography (as well as my personal favorite, even though you can’t find it anywhere, movie soundtrack of all time), offers a soothing drama about the lives of four women who face life and find love where they least expected it – in unlikely friendships and their own marriages. The film, nominated for multiple Oscars and Golden Globes, garnered two of the latter. The reworked screenplay was revived in 2003 as a successful Broadway show, and the almost forgotten book on which the film was originally based has not only been reprinted but has become a book club favorite over the intervening years.

I am wearing out my second VHS tape of the movie at a rate which causes me to worry about where I’ll find another copy I can afford. Used VHS copies of the film range from $30 to $80 on Amazon, and yet the film still has not been released on DVD.

To which popular movie do I refer? ENCHANTED APRIL

If you haven't seen it (or haven't seen it in a while), go rent it – if you can find it – and if you can’t find it, do me a favor and complain. I think they’ve stopped listening to me.

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