Monday, February 2, 2009


There they are... my microwave-fudge groundhogs with their shadows.
I decided to try sunflower nutbutter and cashew nutbutter instead of peanut butter (partly because we didn't have enough peanut butter on hand). Cashew is the lighter one on the left and Sunflower is the one on the right... there's got to be some sort of joke that can be made about SUNflower groundhogs and shadows, but right now I can't think of a good one. The shadows are Nutella, of course.
The sunflowerbutter made a droopier fudge that was harder to work with -- but I think I was trying to shape it while it was still too warm. These were a favorite though and most "ran away" while my back was turned.

The cashew butter fudge turned out smoother and easier to mold. In the end, however, it was pronounced too sweet and more of these guys are leftover than got eaten. Not too worry though, I'm sure somebody will be self-sacrificing enough to finish them off for me.

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  1. Oh my...those are the cutest! How creative you are.!


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