Friday, February 27, 2009

Purple Fabric? -- I thought I had some

I have boxes of fabric. Hoarding, stashing, stockpiling -- that's what I do with fabric, you know, before I make it into quilts. So when I was tagged to participate in a purple charm quilt chain letter I thought it would be no problem. I went to my closet -- the one overflowing with fabric and quilts and wips and ufos. Would you believe I haven't got two pieces of purple fabric large enough to cut out four sets of 6" blocks?


Not even if I'm generous with the term purple and allow shades from lavender to magenta.
Not even if I count fabric that's mostly purple but with sploshes of other colors in it too.
No purple.

How do things like this happen?
So much for stash-busting, I guess it's off to the store for me.

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  1. Don't know anything about quilting, but I do love your new header!


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