Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heads Up

Brin, over at My Messy Thrilling Life brought this article on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act to my attention. There is no sense filling up landfills and putting American crafters out of business just because China can't keep a lid on the lead paint, but it looks like that's what we're about to do.

It seems that in our efforts to protect children under 12 the government plans to pass laws requiring prohibitively expensive testing on anything and everything. That sweater you knit from handspun yarns, the baby quilt I made from fabrics at my local quilt store, the organic wooden toy hand carved by the old guy down the road -- these products will all be subject to required testing before being sold OR GIVEN to children. Even used items sold in thrift shops could open the thrift shops to fines for not meeting code, and children's sections of Libraries will find that their books might be considered hazardous to the health of children.

For anyone concerned, write a letter, make a phone call or two, but please feel free to contact your Senators and your State Representatives in Congress and let them know you think this new Act is going too far.

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