Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is in the Air

Ah, the scents of spring...
The chocolate aroma of Valentine's Day and a dozen red roses...
The whiff of skunk...

That's right, skunk. For those of you not aware, February marks the beginning of the mating period for that distinctively black and white, near sighted, nocturnal, North American mammal Mephitis mephitis.

The male skunks in search of affection range out of their territory and, on unfamiliar turf in their highly excitable state, tend to spray their signature cologne about in a reckless manner. Even a leaf blowing in the wind could startle some of these poor fellows into spraying. It's peak skunk smelling season. The female skunks are not blameless in the matter of this lingering aroma. Less excitable but more particular, they tend to reject unwanted advances in a rather noticeable way by spraying the undesired suitors.

My guess is -- just under my window -- some poor skunk just got rejected (or startled by the neighbor's free-range dog).

Wander away little striped Cyrano. The grubs are better in other yards, the dens are cosier on other hillsides, and the lady skunks are friendlier near other houses. Go, and ... well, just go.

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