Thursday, February 26, 2009

No More Ads

Thank you to those of you who were clicking on the google ads, formerly in the sidebar, I hope you found the information useful and worthwhile.

I was dubious about putting up the ads in the first place, because of the potential to link to websites which I might not agree with. But last September I decided to try it anyway. Earning money's not a bad thing.

In January and February I seemed to have a surge of readers and an increase in clicks on seemingly higher paying ads, the $100 payment threshold was almost reached.

Evidently the prospect of having to mail me an actual check sent Google AdSense into hysterics and they decided review my blog history, and declare my clicks invalid (actually they said "pose a risk"). The money will supposedly be returned to the advertisers.

Although I really could have used the money -- I think I'm mostly relieved not to have to worry about what sites the ads might be linking to. In the end, it has been SO NOT WORTH the hassle.

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