Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pieces of Paper: Faux Fabric

I have fabric in my stash that I am not quite sure what I want to do with, but I don't want to cut into it because, well then I might not have enough to finish whatever I decide to do. Do you have this dilemma? I know I'll never be able to find some of them again and I don't want to waste any of it making sample blocks I might not use.

Solution -- Photocopy it.

Once I have my faux fabric I can cut up the paper and play with the positions and options. For example... If I wanted to see how this fabric looks as the King's Cross (aka Tennessee Crossroads) Block:
I might fussy cut the stripe in the band shape and audition them with green for the vase shape and orange squares on a blue background....

I like the look of the top two quadrants in that one above. And I like the top left (see below) when I switch it to the lighter orange for the background....
Although this option with the blue looks good too.
Oh, and look what happens when I try just the dark orange, with the fussy cut stripe against a green background:
So many choices. Which one do you like best?

When you're done playing with the options, it's a scrapbook page waiting to happen. And I'm sure you can probably think of something even better than my rubber cement and newsprint methods.

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