Friday, January 23, 2009

A Finished Quilt

I know I post a lot of UFOs (un-finished objects)... but I do actually complete some of them.
As an example: Hunter's Star Baby Quilt.45" square, machine pieced, hand quilted, brushed flannel backing, back to front self binding. The dark green is a pine branch patterned batik, and the yellows are "scrappy" using 7 different prints in a close range of shades, to make the eye dance over the quilt.
Hunter's Star blocks offer the delight of the eight pointed star without the frustration of Y seams at the intersection of every diamond. Fun to make and, as usual, easier than it looks. :D


  1. What a gorgeous Star Quilt. I love all the fabric colors. You do such wonderful work.
    You know I have some UFO's too. lol



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