Friday, January 9, 2009

Seek Ye First...

I am wondering today about what people seek. What do we truly seek when we go to church? Is it fellowship with God or visiting with friends? Is it worship and instruction or gossip and politics? Is it answers to questions and prayers or outings and activities?

My church is seeking and praying for a Revival. And the message, rightly preached, resounds with the theme that revival begins in our individual hearts. We cannot bring revival, new life, to others if we are ourselves still dead. We must have an excited, living, active faith to share. We must seek to be revived ourselves, first.

How do we seek this personal revival?
By seeking Christ.

If we focus on the external signs of revival, we gain only the external signs -- our hearts are not touched. If we focus on our selves ("Woe is me, I have sinned or been sinned against.") we will not experience revival either. Because WE cannot revive ourselves -- Only Christ can bring revival to our hearts and to our churches.

Only the Cross can bridge the rifts, the chasm between God and man. Only the Cross can heal our hearts and bring us back to life -- revive us and revive our church.

Let's go one step further -- Revival doesn't begin in our hearts. It begins on the Cross. Let us seek there for the answers to our prayers.

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