Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Brassicas and Gourds

Baby Red Kuri Pumpkin
Red Kuri are supposed to be the ultimate pumpkin/winter squash/gourd for pumpkin pie making. To that end, Red Kuri pumpkins are now making their debut in the garden. They are putting on fruit much more quickly than I expected and look like several will soon be ready. Yum.

The Brassica family, namely broccoli and red cabbage, are once again proving to be a disappointment though. The two surviving red cabbage plants were found by a rogue groundhog before they even had a chance to head. And the Broccoli, supposed to be a 48 days to maturity variety, finally decided to put on a tiny floret Eleven Weeks after setting out plants that were started indoors. So only about Twice as long as advertised.

I used to not like broccoli, as a child. Now I love it, especially in a hot garlic sauce stir fry like Chinese restaurants do. But I think that now, broccoli doesn't like me. The long awaited yield is not going to be enough to warrant even making an onion dip.

Buttercup Squash likes me though. It has grown way, way, way past the parameters of its original trellising. It is filling the aisles and climbing the nearby beanpoles and wandering off down the next row and through a flowerbed. And hiding under that prolific sprawl are lovely little five pound beauties.
Burgess Buttercup Squash

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