Saturday, July 25, 2015

Simon Says: Cheese

It is good, Simon says, to buy local cheese. You should do it more often.

He says this having eaten almost the entire wedge by himself, after I found the flavor to be a piquant manure with a hint of sick and an undertone of sheer horribleness. I will never buy that cheese again.

They had described that particular award winning cheese's flavor as grassy with an "earthy" subtlety. In my opinion, a little too earthy unless you happen to be someone who regularly enjoys the flavor of bird poop and rabbit dung as Simon does, despite my best attempts to civilize him.

I wonder why so many of the "wonderful" local cheeses which are also so often recommended to be served with wine, make me think you would have to be on your third bottle and drunker than a skunk to find the cheeses remotely edible. Perhaps that's the point?

Either that or, Simon says, you know nothing and I'm the real foodie in this family.

...he did enjoy the cheese.

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