Monday, July 13, 2015

Simon Says: Comfrey

Cut comfrey laid down between baby blueberry bushes.
Thank you, Simon says, for helping to bury my squeaky toy.  But this is not exactly what I had n mind. Why are you doing this?

Your toys, I tell him, are not supposed to be getting buried in the garden beds. I don't care how dry and hard to dig the rest of the yard has gotten; you know better. Now move and let me put this down.

Really, the comfrey leaves are nothing to do with Simon's terrier instinct to dig little hiding spots for all his toys.  It's my lazy way of cutting down on the weeding and applying a mulch at the same time.

Comfrey is a dynamic accumulator.  Its tap roots bring up hard to find nutrients and minerals, and the leaves accumulate all that good stuff. Comfrey can be cut and laid down in this "kill mulch fertilizer" way several times in a summer. This is the second time already this year I have harvested off the majority of the leaves to mulch around the baby blueberries.

I could help you weed, Simon says. If you could be okay with this squeaky carrot growing in the garden. What do you think?

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