Monday, July 27, 2015


"They will live so cheap! Their housekeeping will be nothing at all. They will have no carriage, no horses and hardly any servants; they will keep no company and can have no expenses of any kind! Only conceive how comfortable they will be!" -- Fanny Dashwood (from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen)

What we chose to do without and what we view as necessities, we all define our comforts differently. For me simplicity is comfortable. Frugality is less a farce and more an admirable way of life that I am working towards. But that's me.

Several friends believe that anything less than once a week at the movies would be deprivation indeed. I laugh at that. I haven't been out to the movies in many years. I don't miss deafening, crowded, overpriced movie theaters at all. Especially not the ones that are minefields of used chewing gum and sticky soda spills.

Within ourselves we decide to view our life, our experiences and expenditures, as either hardship or happiness. Will we be content to live within our means? Below our means? Our society (media driven) tells us we require many things. But do we really? Perhaps we would all actually be more comfortable with less. I have not noticed extravagant lifestyles making people so much happier, in fact, to judge by the tabloid headlines in the checkout line, I would guess that fame and fortune are actually harder to live with comfortably.

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