Monday, July 6, 2015

What's In a Name?

All Blue Potatoes Bloom
The All Blue Potatoes, blue inside, with blue skins, actually bloom blue too. They really are all blue. Perhaps the bean seeds I saved from last year will give me a clue to their name, on the brown bag in which they were saved I wrote only "pole bean." They were nondescript light brown with some speckling on some of them, and they sprouted before other beans planted at the same time. I thought they might be pintos, but I am told pintos are not a pole bean. Now, taller than me and still climbing, they have white blossoms, romano style flat pods, standard green bean flavor when picked tender ....... That could describe any of a dozen different beans.
Pole Bean Blossoms
I suppose, to borrow a phrase, a bean by any other name is still a bean.

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