Saturday, July 18, 2015


When you pick up your coffee at the fast food restaurant or the coffee shop on the way to church -- does it not occur to you that you take the coffee to church but do not allow the coffee-maker the same privilege? Are they the exception? Sunday is a day off when people go to church, unless they make a heavenly espresso?  Those people don't need church?

When you decide Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to pick up a few things at the store -- does it never occur to you that you are the reason employers think stores should be open on Sunday? You are the reason people who are honest about not wanting to work on the Sabbath cannot get hired at those stores, the reason "mandatory Sunday" policies are in place for those jobs, the reason fellow Christians have not been able to participate in Sunday fellowship for years because they have to work instead. 

At my place of work I was an exception, I faced battles to protect the day I gave to God from the encroaching demands of my job. The stand I took was not popular. I was forced to make many painful sacrifices in my life in order to keep the Sabbath day as "set apart" and my co-workers and supervisors were a bit squiffy about the whole thing.  Honestly, I was upset too -- I thought we should close on Sundays and all be off that day.

SO... When you decide to eat lunch at a restaurant after church instead of going home to cook your own lunch because that would take too long -- do you ever do the math to realize that your meal was prepared by someone who clocked in to start preparing your meal about the same time you sat down to listen to that excellent sermon? Or do you think the restaurant you frequent it an exception? They have a magic wand that prepares your food.

Sure you're not cooking your own meal not even taking your food out of a crock pot or heating up leftovers, so you're not working on the Sabbath. But isn't a little too much to claim that Sunday is a day of rest and then expect others to work that day?

So to the friend who persists in asking every Sunday, even though he knows my answer will be no... just a heads-up.
NO! I will not be going to lunch after church. I will not "make an exception." I don't want to make an exception. Stop asking me to.

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