Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Herb Flower Jelly

Herb Flower Jelly. Isn't it pretty?
Use caution when trying new foods.
Do not ingest anything that might be a toxin or to which you may be allergic.

Herb Flower Jelly Recipe

First the flowers were gathered, about 3 cups. [Note: Use only flowers you know are safe to eat, and know you are not allergic to. Some combinations of flowers may not work well together. Use caution.]
I used flowers from Anise Hyssop, Daylilies, Crown Vetch, and Lemon Thyme, to make my flower water.
Cover blooms with water in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.
Let steep 10-20 minutes.

You will need 4 cups of flower water,
3 cups of sugar,
lime juice from one juicy lime
and a package of the pink ("no-sugar") Sure-Jell Pectin.

From there it is like any other jelly, stir constantly.
Flower water, lime juice, 1/3 cup of sugar and the package of pectin are brought to a boil over high heat.
The rest of the sugar is added and brought back to a boil. Still stirring. Don't stop stirring. Keep at a boil for 1 minute and then remove from heat.
You have jelly.
Put it in jars, or cute little jampots. You may keep in the fridge, or you could put some by for the winter using a waterbath canner.

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