Monday, August 11, 2008

Four UFOs

None of these four projects are finished.
I do try to finish things (usually), but you know how it is. Things crowd into your head and before you know it you're juggling fifteen projects. Some of which get shoved to the bottom of the pile for a long time.

Like the Christmas Quilt I started making for my mother... I just counted, SIX years ago! Wow, I really need to finish that. And, yes, those are half inch half square triangles. (24 in each block!) And, yes, that is the reason I haven't finished it yet.

This Young Man's Fancy got pulled out of the UFO box last week and I really think I might finish it this time. The color choices were inspired by that piece of lawn you see in the background.

Something I will not finish is the scarf in this next picture. That scarf hasn't been worked on since I was 17 years old (I'm not telling how old that makes it) and it is destined to be a UFO forever, but I keep it because of the story. It's the last skein I had of the first decent yarn I ever spun on my Louet spinning wheel, from the fleece of our own sheep.

Although that's probably reason enough to keep it, this is the real reason: I knit it with my eyes closed. I had this unreasonable fear that I would someday go blind and wouldn't know how to do anything anymore. So I tried to teach myself to knit with my eyes closed. Isn't that hysterical? I have to keep it.

The other, fourth and final (for this post anyway), UFO in the picture is the "Southern Comfort" one patch I've been working on on-and-off for years. I wanted to teach myself curved piecing on the machine and decided to make an ogee curved (bottle shape) charm quilt out of 1850s-1870s reproduction cotton fabrics. That one's allowed to be a UFO for a while yet, besides, it does improve my machine-done curved seams each time I pull it out.

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  1. Really like the xmas quilt and hte Young Man's Fancy. Hope you do finish them at some point, although I certainly don't envy you those TINY HSTs!!
    Congrats on being so ambitious with your curved piecing project ... glad to hear your skills are improving through practice :)


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