Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Giveaway

Remember these Seed Envelopes? Well, they're full of seeds now, and I have plenty of spare so I thought I'd share. I'm having my first GIVEAWAY. How better to end a count down? :-)

There are 100 (or more) seeds in each envelope and I generally have a fertility rate of 70-80% sproutage. Which means there's enough for the birds and then some to grow if you want to sow the seeds outside rather than messing with containers in windows.

Just so you know this is what the plants look like:

Honesty (also known as Money Plant) blooms purple in mid-spring, and later ('bout now) forms large flat papery seed pods which (when the outer layers fall away) are excellent for dried arrangements. It likes shade and will tolerate dry shade fairly well.

Lamb's Ear has low growing foliage of a soft silvery green. It likes the full sun and is a non-edible member of the mint family (meaning it will spread and spread and spread). From early to mid-summer the plant features tall spikes of small pink blooms.
The spikes of Lambs Ear are very popular with the bees, but when they are spent you do want to chop them down as they begin to sprawl in a very untidy way unless you have them against a wall or fence.

Hobbit's Foot Salvia has huge fuzzy leaves which can be dried to make exfoliating scrubs. They sprout huge symmetrical spikes resembling a white jeweled chandelier. Unfortunately they bloom early summer and picked a week while I was away this year (and I can't find the pictures from last years flowering). So no picture, but it's a white flower. I do have a cool close-up of the fuzz on newer leaves.

To Enter My Giveaway:
Just leave a comment on this post between now (14th August 2008) and Monday (18th August 2008) and two winners will be randomly chosen. The first will receive the seeds of their choice. (You can choose all three, or you can say you want one but not another.) And the second will recieve the four empty seed envelopes pictured here.

For my overseas readers, plant material cannot be shipped internationally -- at least not by me. I'm sorry. But I could still send you the empty seed envelopes, so enter anyway. :-)

Everyone please be sure to include a way for me to contact you for a postal address if you win.


  1. I enjoy your blog. The pictures are great. I loved the quilting countdown series. Your plants are beautiful. I don't think my four o'clock have seeded yet. Pat

  2. How wonderful! I love all of the plants. I didn't realize the money plants had a flower on them first. And an exfoliating plant? How cool is that!? Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  3. I love flowers. Please include me in your drawing!

  4. What fun! Thanks for having the great giveaway!

  5. Hello friend....thanks for coming by and I am in awe that you can make such beautiful quilts..I love those pretty seed packets..they are just so pretty within themselves! lol you can put my name in the pot! Hope you have a great weekend and please come back anytime!

  6. My daughter discovered lambs ear at the nursery this year and begged me to buy it. I did, although I didn't figure I would have much luck with it. It has ended up being very hearty, and I just love the texture. I didn't know a think about it though, until I read your post. Thanks, and please enter me into the drawing!


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