Friday, August 1, 2008

Young Man's Fancy

Does anyone know the story behind the name of this block? I don't, that's why I ask. It is probably more prosaic than it sounds. Perhaps just a fancy pattern made for a young man. But what possibilities occur to the imagination?

I picture a quilter named Edith, about sixteen, very much in love with a young man in the village. Pouring her heart into creativity she designs and begins piecing a quilt she hopes will be their wedding quilt. But his fancy, his interest is captured by another young lady whom he marries. Poor Edith is left with a broken heart and an unfinished quilt. Years later, Edith realizes she is grateful not to have married the first young man because now she has found happiness married to an even better fellow, the true love of her life. Edith pulls the unfinished blocks from her hope chest to make a company quilt for the guest room bed. Did she name her new pattern Young Man's Fancy for the nephew who first slept under the finished quilt, or for fond memories of the young man who's roaming fancy left her available when the right fellow came along?

What do you imagine?

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