Friday, August 22, 2008

Pieces of Paper: Snowflakes

I know it's not winter yet, but I'm making snowflakes anyway. I made some for a friend once and twenty years later her mother still has them -- she laminated them and hangs them in her windows for the holidays. I just make new ones every year.

Frost Crystal Style

I really like how they look against my blue file folder. Last Christmas we backed them with black card stock for a more dramatic look. I don't know about real snowflakes, but no two of mine have ever turned out the same, and I've made hundreds over the years.

Classic Style

I was thinking of making some using acid free papers, and framing them for sale. What do you think?

Victorian Style

Would you rather make your own?

Fold your paper diagonally and trim off the long edge (or start with a square piece of paper).

Fold in half and in half again, into eighths, triangularly. Trim off the long corner (if you opened it now you'd want to see a rough circle).
On the CUT edge begin the shape of the snowflake, cutting it so you create points.
Then begin to hollow out the snowflake. Working from the outside edges towards the center cut varying shapes -- be sure to leave areas of the folds for connecting the parts of the snowflake. Try to leave more "negative space" than paper for a lacier effect.
When you have finished cutting, unfold the paper carefully.
I didn't do this before taking the photos, but you can press lightly with a cool iron to remove the fold lines for a flatter, smoother flake.


  1. Those are lovely, I haven't made those since I was a kid, yours are WAY much nicer though :) How sweet that your friends mom saved them, I would too. :)

  2. Ilove to make snowflakes. We used to make very intricate ones with my fourth graders out of tissue paper. have you ever done this:

  3. Your snowflakes are lovely! My mother used to cut out snowflakes every year out of the foil wrapping paper-all sorts of different colors-and then pin them to the walls in the front parlor with stratight pins. Makes me miss her. I'm going to have to make some in honor of mom. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Your snow flakes are beautiful - yes make, frame, and sell!

  5. I'm so glad you posted the instructions for these. I'm going to have to show Ahava how to make snowflakes! Isaac will want in on the action too, just for the sake of using kids' scissors.


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