Saturday, August 9, 2008

Six Shots of Color for Pink Saturday

You've probably figured out I've put myself on a count down. I don't know why, just something in my head that said "Hmmm, Ten Things to Begin With, Nine-Patch Know-How, the next post should really be eight-maids-a-milking." My mind does things like that from time to time. So today (six on the countdown) I thought I'd post Six Shots of Color. But which color?

Well, I recently discovered How Sweet The Sound and the idea of "Pink Saturday." I'm not sure of all the rules but it seems to be just post something pink. Which sounds easy enough. And notice how nicely that combines with my desire to blog on color. So here are flowers in six shades of pink from spring and summer photos.

1. Apple Blossoms2. Columbine

3. Cosmos
4. Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart
5. Coneflower
6. Hollyhock


  1. Hi Lochlanina,

    What a great post, I love all your flowers, they so beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday to you!

    Best, Pennie

  2. Delighted with each one of your pink flowers... It is the Color of LoVe. It is the Color of LiFe.
    Happy Pink Saturday & Happy Pink Thoughts.

    ~N at CrossRoads

  3. Love the pink flowers. Just beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Thanks for the visit this morning.

    What beautiful PINKS!! (We've had 5 out of the 6 in our garden!!)


  5. Every PINK Bloom is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    I love them!

    Have a wonderful PINK SATURDAY!


  6. I loved your six shot of pink--did they all come from your yard? Hope your PSat is super-duper!

  7. Hello and Happy Pink Saturday. Loved your pink flowers of course, but also, what a wonderful thing you do in teaching the quilting! I'm a fellow quilter and so I really appreciate the time you take to do that! Let's visit again!

  8. Delightful beautiful pink flowers! No flower is prettier than one dressed in pink!
    Be a pink sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Lochlanina.

    I love your idea of the countdown. How fun! And, those blooms are just absolutely breathtaking.

  10. Take your breath away gorgeous pink shots. I especially love the columbine. I am so glad you joined us for pink Saturday. It's so much fun to see what everyone comes up with that is pink. ~ Lynn

  11. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love your flowers, great post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. Beautiful flowers! I adore the bleedheart - I haven't seen those in years. Do you know if you turn them upside down and open them up, they become "Lady in a bathtub?"

    Have a great Pink Saturday!

  13. The flowers are so pretty! What a nice collection you shared on your first pink Saturday.

    Happy Pink Saturday,

    Take care,

  14. Oh My!
    Your flowers are just beautiful!
    I especially love the Columbine.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Hola Lochlanina!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Besitos from Argentina!


  16. Ah, bleeding hearts and hollyhock...two of my favorites.
    Oh, I love your "about me" in your profile. So cute!

  17. So many of my favorites all in one post - columbine, cosmos, bleeding heart...sigh...

  18. Beautiful flowers, Lochlanina. Nice break from the Texas heat! Nancy

  19. Gorgeous shots!! My favorite is the apple blossoms.
    Love your blog name and banner~

  20. What a wonderful post. The flowers are beautiful!

  21. Hello Lochlanina, glad to meet you! I love all your pink flowers. Especially that bleeding heart flower plant! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Ann

  22. Thank you everyone for your loving comments.

    I take a lot of nature photos. I think I actually have more photos of flowers than I have of my family -- but then, flowers sit still. :-)

    To answer Dana's question: The flowers do come from my own gardens, all except the columbine which I saw at a public gardens.

  23. Hi, I'm bj and very glad to meet you.
    I HAVE to tell you that when I first saw the name of your blog, I thought, Oh, dear, she's didn't spell PEACE right.....hahaha...the laugh is on me! NOW, after reading your pretty blog, I "get it"!
    Your pink flowers are lovely...

  24. I love the flowers, they are divine! I don't get to see a *pink* columbine too often, that was a treat, and I always love bleeding hearts!


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