Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Language of Fabric

My poll indicated people are most interested in reading about pieces of fabric, followed by pieces of paper, then "piece of my mind". Sewing tips, flower photos, and quilting history tie for interest, while dressmaking, knitting, and chocolate finished last. (Yeah, that one shocked me too. Who would have thought my random thoughts ranked above chocolate?)

So Pieces of Fabric.... well, while my machine is at the shop, it's hand sewing only for me. And I had a great project in mind to share. We'll do it when the machine comes home, I promise. In the meantime, I found a listing of the word for fabric in other languages on the True Up Blog. Here are a few:

Dutch: Stof

Hebrew: “areeg” or “bahd”

Hindi: kapra

Japanese: “nuno”

Finnish: kanga

French: tissu

Italian: tessuto

Russian: “tkan”

Spanish: tela / tejido

Welsh: defnydd

And I can add: the Gaelic for fabric is aodach. Only, don't ask me to use it in a sentence.

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