Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two Snuggly Star Quilts

In the Leisure Arts book Quick Quilts from Your Scrap Bag there are an insane number of quilts I love (and a couple I'm not keen on, but, hey, everyone has their own style). I rarely follow someone else's designs, preferring to create my own; and I rarely make the same quilt twice, because there are so many quilts I want to make, I don't have time for more than one of each.
Unless it's an Odd Fellow's Star, and you can see why can't you? To start with it's a great name. Okay, they called it Odd Fellow's March in the book, but I've heard it called both.

The quilter in the book, Susan Marie Stewart from Colorado, used a flying geese border where I opted for a sawtooth, and I haven't exactly followed her dimensions either, but I'm totally on board with her idea of using scrappy homespuns for these blocks.
In that one I used reds and browns and golds -- earthy tones-- and a shot of a color I call "Arsenic green" It's larger so I sent it to a friend to hand quilt for me, she's done a couple quilts for me before and she's really good so there's always a bit of a backlog. This quilt's been at her house for a long time waiting it's turn and she's finally putting it in the frame this week. :-) I can't wait to see what she does. It's going to be great!

The one I quilted myself is a smaller, snuggle on the couch, extra comfort when you're sick or had a bad day sort of size. I did that one with just blue homespuns; and instead of a solid Kona for my background I used light tonal prints (for extra fun scrapiness).

And I set it on point. [You didn't really expect me to make two quilts exactly the same now did you?]

Besides, see how nicely it shows off an individual block in the corners;

but you still get the stars where the blocks come together in the center of the quilt.

Those inset triangles also provide a place for adding a few daises -- in the quilting of it.

Don't you love the puckers where it shrank around the stitching when I washed it? It's so happy.

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  1. Both quilts are wonderful, but particulary like the Old Fellows one :)


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